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Our clients and staff have access to DigiFlock, our bespoke and innovative online data management and reporting system.
Client Access:
DigiFlock allows our clients to instantly access their clinical reports, laboratory results, flock programmes and prescriptions with little more than a click of a button 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Furthermore, with the client’s permission, we can provide tailored access to employees and third parties giving all required people instant access to the specific records that they need. Not only is this a great tool for efficient farm records management but it also assists our clients to meet contractual and/or legal obligations when it comes to record sharing.
Data Analysis:
Using DigiFlock our staff can record and report back to our clients in a professional and consistent manner. This helps our clients when it comes to record keeping but it also provides a platform for our vets to analyse site and business specific data. This, combined with the many years of experience and knowledge of our veterinary team, supported by a network of integrated accredited poultry laboratories allows us to deliver the best available service to our clients.
Other Features:
The most recent product datasheets are always to hand for treatments prescribed. Prescriptions can be emailed from DigiFlock with the datasheets included and can also be accessed through the online system.
DigiFlock sends email reminders regarding upcoming site visits or clinical investigations
It’s intuitive and simple to use! Contact your local branch for further information.

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